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Qualitative Market Research Bundle


Qualitative market research will help you understand the behaviors, attitudes, and decision-making processes of customers and prospects in your markets. These are the psychographics of your market. By understanding how your customers and prospects think – knowing what their true problems are, how they attempt to solve them and how you fit into their solution – you’ll better understand how to fulfill their needs and market to them. This understanding will also help you define market segments or personas – the distinct subgroups of your market – that will allow you to more efficiently market to each group.


Study Benefits:

Learn Market Research Method
Learn Research Sample Size
Learn Collected Market Data
Lean Examined Sample Responses
Learn Market Research Analysis
Learn the Issue/Challenge Categories
Learn Companies/People Categorisation
Learn Segmentation Criteria
Learn Customer Defined Segments
Learn Customer Segments Profiles

Study Includes:

Single Market Pains Study
10 Surveys Research Sample Size
Single Market Pains Study
5 Customer Segments Profiles


» Action-1: Learn Market Research Method
» Action-2: Learn Research Sample Size
» Action-3: Learn Collected Market Data
» Action-4: Learn Examined Sample Responses
» Action-5: Learn Market Research Analysis
» Action-6: Learn the Issue/Challenge Categories
» Action-7: Learn Companies/People Categorisation
» Action-8: Learn Segmentation Criteria
» Action-9: Learn Customer Defined Segments
» Action-10: Learn Customer Segments Profiles




2 Weeks




In order to purchase the Qualitative Market Research, you first need to complete Quantitative Market Research


For more information and/or additional questions please visit our Case Studies page, get in touch by email at or a phone +35799891101, or by using a contact form on our get in touch page.


The delivery takes 2 Weeks (per market research). The final deliverable is about 30+ pages long, smartly structured, creatively designed, visually appealing PDF document ready for presentation to stakeholders, partners, colleagues, associates, or team members. After completing the study document will be sent to your email as well as be available for download from your user account at


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