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Distribution Channel Strategy Bundle


What is its purpose; How will it benefit your end-users; What are the channel logistics; How are orders processed; Who handles inventory – answering these questions will help you create the criteria for potential channel partners that would support your distribution goals. Then, it’s time to approach potential partners, secure a deal, and create your plan for managing the relationship.

After you’ve designed your channel, we want to start researching the types of companies to contact as potential channel partners and connect with them to give them your pitch. Before we start contacting your target companies, we think about the key criteria you’re looking for. Treating this step as if you’re designing a marketing campaign – if you do a good job targeting your potential channel partners, it will be easier to get them on board and get them producing.

Xsite team will start by determining your channel manager and outlining the risks: Who will manage your channel; What are the main risks that could prevent the channel from being successful; How will you manage against those risks. Then address each area requiring management, outline your requirements, as well as the person responsible for each and the projected time commitment, and then list your requirements for each channel management a


Study Benefits:

Learn the Distribution Channel Name
Learn the Distribution Channel Purpose
Learn the Steps Involved in Reaching your End-User
Learn the Potential Channel Structure
Learn the Channel Logistics
Learn the Channel Type to Target
Learn the Channel Partners Key Criteria
Learn the Ideal Channel Partner Profile
Learn the Channel Partner Research Results
Learn the Sales Pitch Suggestions
Learn the Channel Manager Suggestion
Learn the Channel Risks Outline
Learn the Areas Requiring Management
Learn the Channel Requirements Outline
Learn the Channel Management Area

Study Includes:

Single Distribution Channel Design
Single Distribution Channel Partner Plan
Single Distribution Channel Partner Management Plan



» Action-1: Naming Distribution Channel to Create
» Action-2: Defining Distribution Channel Purpose
» Action-3: Mapping the Steps Involved in Reaching your End-User
» Action-4: Outlining Potential Channel Structure
» Action-5: Analysing Channel Logistics
» Action-6: Choosing a Channel Type to Target
» Action-7: Figuring out Channel Partners Key Criteria
» Action-8: Describing Your Ideal Channel Partner
» Action-9: Researching Channel Partner
» Action-10: Preparing Sales Pitch
» Action-11: Determining your Channel Manager
» Action-12: Outlining your Channel Risks
» Action-13: Addressing each Area Requiring Management
» Action-14: Outlining your Channel Requirements
» Action-15: Listing Requirements per Channel Management Area




3 Weeks




In order to purchase the Distribution Channel Establishment Bundle, you first need to complete a Distribution Channel Structure Bundle.


For more information and/or additional questions please visit our Case Studies page, get in touch by email at or a phone +35799891101, or by using a contact form on our get in touch page.


The delivery takes 3 Weeks (per distribution channel). The final deliverable is about 30+ pages long, smartly structured, creatively designed, visually appealing PDF document ready for presentation to stakeholders, partners, colleagues, associates, or team members. After completing the study document will be sent to your email as well as be available for download from your user account at


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