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Brand Meaning Strategy Bundle


Brands that tap into people’s emotions are far more powerful than brands that don’t. Connecting with human emotions is an inexact science at best – it’s more of an art, and it’s the main thrust of consumer marketing.

Xsite team will determine which benefits of your product or service are most important to your market, and which benefits are emotional, you’ll have a strong understanding of what your brand should mean to your market.


Study Benefits:

Learn the Features and Benefits of Your Product/Service
Learn Whether each Benefit is Functional or Emotional
Learn the Emotional Benefits of your Brand in Depth
Learn the Importance of each Benefit is to your Customers
Learn Features and Benefits Ratings
Learn Features and Benefits Evaluation
Learn a Single “level of importance” for each Feature
Learn a Single “level of importance” for each Benefit
Learn Features and Benefits Most Strongly with Emotions
Learn Brand Means Brainstorm
Learn Brand Pillars Review
Learn Potential Brand Means Evaluation
Learn Top Three Brand Means Chosen



» Action-1: Exploring Features and Benefits of your Product/Service
» Action-2: Determining Whether each Benefit is Functional or Emotional
» Action-3: Exploring the Emotional Benefits of your Brand
» Action-4: Determining the Importance of each Benefit is to your Customers
» Action-5: Rating your Features and Benefits
» Action-6: Evaluating Rated Features and Benefits
» Action-7: Choosing a Single “Level of Importance” per Benefit Type
» Action-8: Determining Benefits Most Strongly with Market’s Emotions
» Action-9: Testing Your Brand Pillars
» Action-10: Brainstorming Brand Means
» Action-11: Reviewing Brand Pillars
» Action-12: Evaluating Potential Brand Means
» Action-13: Choosing Top Three Brand Means




2 Weeks




In order to purchase a Brand Meaning Strategy Bundle, you first need to complete your Competitive Positioning Strategy and complete your Brand Foundation Study.


For more information and/or additional questions please visit our Case Studies page, get in touch by email at or a phone +35799891101, or by using a contact form on our get in touch page.


The delivery takes 2 weeks (per brand meaning strategy). The final deliverable is about 30+ pages long, smartly structured, creatively designed, visually appealing PDF document ready for presentation to stakeholders, partners, colleagues, associate or team members. After completion the study document will be sent to your email as well as be available for download from your user account at


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